Furrylittlegnome’s Puzzling Summer

In-between work and vacations, furrylittlegnome and her band of gnomes have been busy this summer working on 1,000 piece puzzles. Thus far, we have completed four.

Our strategy is always the same. We start with the border and then put the larger picture pieces together. The challenge is always the rest of it. Our atmosphere doesn’t change either. We surround the kitchen table. Furrylittlegnome still has to listen to the same One Direction CD (she has begged for something new) while sipping a drink and eating bon-bons.

Here is a look at our completed work!

20120719-185434.jpg Our first puzzle of the season was a bathing scene from an old cover of The New Yorker.

20120719-185506.jpg What more can we say about our favorite royal couple? Furrylittlegnome and her gnomes love William and Catherine. We learned that the future king wears one too many navy blue suits.

20120719-185610.jpg This was a fun puzzle that only took two days to complete a few weekends ago. It is our goal to try each candy item from this puzzle by the end of the season.

20120719-185617.jpg This “Newstand” puzzle was full of history as it had memorable magazine covers and front-page news from the 1960s that shaped our world.

Our current project is this tricky puzzle about television history because all of the drawings are so tiny. Furrylittlegnome hasn’t found Regis Philbin’s piece yet! He is on the bottom right-hand corner of the box.

To stay out of the sun and out of the humidity, our summer activity has been perfect! Plus, there have been some great conversations.

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4 Responses to Furrylittlegnome’s Puzzling Summer

  1. Hey I want to join the candy goal ….

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