Trying to Gear Up for Spain

Sorry for the hiatus, ladies and gentlemen, but furrylittlegnome has been busy as of late. If she isn’t wining and dining with fellow gnomes, she is trying to stick with her New Year’s resolution of cranking out one needlepoint project a month – a resolution that just might not be attainable.  Yes, she is still on track – two have been completed, but her fingers have taken a beating…

Then there’s the Spain trip in just four weeks, and frankly, furrylittlegnome is not at all prepared. A trip to her local Barnes & Noble bookstore finally occurred and gnome obtained her coveted Rick Steves guide-book.  Mr. Steves has never steered furrylittlegnome wrong. With the book in hand and a saved program on TiVo of  “The Majesty of Madrid” which aired on public television a few weeks ago, furrylittlegnome might begin to piece together a list of things to do.Rick Steves Guide Book Madrid and Toledo

While looking at her map from DK Eyewitness Travel, to get a way of the land, gnome is growing uneasy.  She cannot pronounce anything.  One must remember, gnome hails from Vermont – where the second language of choice is French.  Simple words in Spanish, like street, “caille,” are throwing her off.

Not many people in gnome’s circle have been to Spain.  However, the few that have visited have given tips and assured gnome she will be able to find her way through Madrid (especially to the Salamanca district where she will spend her allotted time for shopping).  Over and over again, furrylittlegnome has been told that “dinner is late and the wine is great!”

Of course, gnome will visit the Museo del Prado, have Tapas, “sample” chocolate con churros and visit the royal palace to see if there will be a glimpse of Spain’s Prince Felipe. Furrylittlegnome also hopes to see is a bull-fight.  For real.

A day trip to the middle of the country to a world heritage site called Toledo will also occur, but there will be another free day.  Should gnome stay in Madrid or fly somewhere close by?  Barcelona to the East?  Seville to the Southwest?   This is where the planning comes in.  However, there is a very important fact that remains – is it wrong that furrylittlegnome is actually excited for her flight home from Spain – a flight she purposely made to stop in London so she could spend some time in her favorite international city?

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4 Responses to Trying to Gear Up for Spain

  1. I would think a day trip to El Escorial wouldn’t be a bad idea. It’s a wonderful place where history sleeps. Have a look at El Rastro weekend market – just for fun. The El Greco painting at Toledo Cathedral is interesting…..

  2. Envious! If I were going to Europe, Spain would be my first choice.

  3. julespaige says:

    Safe travels my friend. I’ve been traveling myself. Though just state side. We escaped the winter that just not want to leave. It started out as a business trip, but then we have also gotten to see friends, and family in this southern climate. Yesterday it rained for a bit and this morning started out with some what of a down pour. A good time to do laundry and catch up on site visits. I’ve just about been able to post my two dailies….yep, the one for gems and then I started a haiku daily too. But that’s over at my “B” site.

    Wishing you all the best on your travels and the preparations too!

  4. julespaige says:

    Dear Friend –
    I’ve been a tad busy with April poetry month but I wanted to show you this piece…

    Be well! ~Jules

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