All Dressed Up

When furrylittlegnome goes to Vermont to visit her family and the dogs, there is a lot of down time. She eats. She sleeps. She relaxes. She also seems to spend time scouring the internet to find pieces to add to her wardrobe! As many of you know, furrylittlegnome is on the petite side, so with a little bit of luck, she can fit into the largest children’s sizes that are available. One may think that this is a huge money-saver, but it really isn’t.

The first item of purchase for furrylittlegnome was this Dolce & Gabbana Boucle Dress. Made in Italy, it was first spotted by gnome in London a few months ago, and she immediately fell in love with it. However, her size was not available. She finally found it here in the states a few days ago and has started to track the delivery status!


The wonderful world of Milly. In January of 2011, the New York based company started a pint-sized line. Sure, some of the dresses may look babyish, but there are quite a few from the children’s line that look like a dress mom would wear – including this tweed wool shift with a leather banded bottom –


Finally, gnome couldn’t go the fall or winter without something from her first love: Burberry. Founded in 1856, the British brand has had its classic nova check found in coat linings and everything else. This black military trench dress with pewter buttons has furrylittlegnome’s name written all over it.


Although gnome did not display the prices for these items, it makes her wonder who actually buys these high-end designer dresses for their children. Gnome justifies the purchases by being able to wear these classic pieces for years, but a child will get one season of wear out of them!

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4 Responses to All Dressed Up

  1. serial dater says:

    As your VOR, I recommend you return the D&G dress. Hideous! Two thumbs up on the Milly. You know how I feel about Burberry….

  2. FF says:

    LOVE the D&G dress – having seen it in person, it really is gorgeous! I love the other two pieces as well. Well done FLG!

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