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A Glimpse into the life of Isabella Stewart Gardner

The year was 1990.  Two men disguised as Boston police officers entered the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum telling museum guards they were responding to a call.  Both security guards on duty on March 18th were handcuffed by the impersonators and … Continue reading

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Justin Timberlake and Jay Z at Fenway Park

The city of Boston was abuzz last weekend as two powerhouse musicians came to town to put on a little show at historical Fenway Park.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, furrylittlegnome was able to see “The Legends of Summer”  tour at … Continue reading

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Getting Home from Work

The sun is shining.  The snow has melted, but it is a windy and cold “Spring” day in Boston.  Furrylittlegnome cannot wait to be inside. It is no secret.  “The Golden Girls” is gnome’s favorite television show.  Betty White, Bea … Continue reading

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Sketches of an Icon

From March until early November of this year, Kensington Palace was home to some wonderful color, and furrylittlegnome got to view it firsthand.  An exhibit titled “Diana:  Glimpses of a Modern Dress” showcased some of the late Princess of Wales’s … Continue reading

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One More Day or Four More Years?

Today is a big day in America.   For the past 223 years, Americans have gone to the polls to elect a President of the United States.  As we all learned in US History class, the President can run for two terms … Continue reading

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A Picture-Perfect Day!

It’s a picture-perfect day in Boston!  Furrylittlegnome took the day off from work to do something cultural.  Yes, readers, you read that correctly.  She traveled on the “E” Line to the Museum of Fine Arts to view its newest exhibit … Continue reading

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Sampras vs McEnroe?

Friday night. Boston’s TD Garden.  Courtside seats.  Sampras.  McEnroe.  Courier.  Lendl. Furrylittlegnome found herself here to watch the Staples Champions Cup.  Upon entering the TD Garden after a horrific cab ride in the pouring rain, she and her pack of … Continue reading

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Furrylittlegnome Sees Monet in Paris

When it comes to art, furrylittlegnome is at a loss.  Sure, she can recognize the works of Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, maybe Andy Warhol or the scribbles of a three year old child, but that is the extent of her art … Continue reading

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Furrylittlegnome’s Puzzling Summer

In-between work and vacations, furrylittlegnome and her band of gnomes have been busy this summer working on 1,000 piece puzzles. Thus far, we have completed four. Our strategy is always the same. We start with the border and then put … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger, Caroline of The Peony Pages: Signatures and Stationery of the Rich and Fay-moose

Hello, loyal Furry readers! While letter writing may now be uncommon, it was a main form of communication for three of the 20th Century’s (and all centuries’, for that matter) greatest icons: Princess Diana, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and Princess Grace … Continue reading

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