The Calm Before the “Storm”

The temperature and wind chill was below zero for some this morning, but that took second billing of what is to come.  America’s Northeast is gearing up for another “weather event” – Winter Storm Pax.    Depending on one’s location, some will see rain or a significant ice or snow event.   Unfortunately, for furrylittlegnome, Boston is only expecting three inches of fresh snow before turning over to some frozen precip.

While tomorrow morning’s commute is expected to be rough, today’s lunch time stroll looks picturesque under a bright blue sky!






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1 Response to The Calm Before the “Storm”

  1. julespaige says:

    While one neighbor only measure 8 inches this morning – it already feels like a foot! The sun is trying to come out, the snow turned to freezing rain, but is due back for more snow as the day progresses. Stay safe.

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