How the Other Half Lives

The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at Boston’s Logan International Airport. It is access for all of the airline’s upper class passengers. Friends of furrylittlegnome, this is how the other half lives, and she is so thankful to be apart of it this one time.

Metal doors lead to an elevator next to Gate 8A. Upon checking in, you enter a large room that has a contemporary feel to it – with red leather swivel chairs scattered throughout. There are plenty of seats for all to feel at home while you are immediately served truffled popcorn, and any beverage of your choice is at your disposal.

While there is an extensive prepared food selection that includes New England clam chowder, shrimp cocktail and a variety of sandwiches and cheese plates, gnome opted for a croque monsieur, and it was delish!

There is no better way to wait for your flight! The staff were attentive, polite and knew exactly when to refill drinks or when to hand out chocolate.

Furrylittlegnome’s flight has been called. She will update all of you upon landing at Heathrow!

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