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Rain, Rain, Please Go Away?

Since the ten day forecast became available, furrylittlegnome has kept her eye on the London weather.  It hasn’t been pretty, folks.  Rain, and lots of it, has rocked Great Britain, and this soggy weather pattern is only going to continue. … Continue reading

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Furrylittlegnome Visits Canterbury Cathedral

As furrylittlegnome’s voyage across the pond is approaching, she thought she would share with all of you a remarkable piece of history in England just an hour and a half outside of London: Canterbury Cathedral. The entrance to the cathedral … Continue reading

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A Review – What Makes You Beautiful

A furrylittlegnome first!   Although she enjoys listening to Mumford & Sons, Scissor Sisters, Lady GaGa, Ed Sheeran and Those Darlins, never in a million years did gnome think that she would be a fan of a band geared towards … Continue reading

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Vim and Vigor: An Old Timer’s Beverage

Furrylittlegnome is ecstatic!  As she made her way into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door at her parents house in Vermont, her eyes were immediately drawn to the top shelf.  There, she saw orange and her father’s favorite soda: … Continue reading

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How Today’s Weather Can Affect the Colors of Fall

Furrylittlegnome read on yesterday that, due to severe drought conditions, leaves are having trouble growing on trees in the New England area. We haven’t seen much in the form of precipitation in this part of the country, and the … Continue reading

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A Summer Ritual That Started Early This Year

It was a whopping 87 degrees fahrenheit (30.5 degrees Celsius) yesterday – a record breaker for the Patriots Day holiday! While the Boston Marathon was in full swing, furrylittlegnome was taking advantage of her day off from work by getting … Continue reading

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Three Months and Counting…

The creation of furrylittlegnome is one my New Year’s resolutions for 2012. I cannot believe I have not broken it yet. After three months, to the day, of blogging under a nickname, I’ve learned many things about myself. By the … Continue reading

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Prepping for Race Day

It is a sunny and warm Saturday afternoon in Boston, and this city is buzzing with activity. It is opening weekend at home for the Boston Red Sox that has brought in baseball fans from all across New England, but … Continue reading

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A Snack to Enjoy at Any Age

Because furrylittlegnome is such a picky eater, she will eat the same thing over and over again until she can no longer stomach the taste. Gnome may not enjoy eating meals, but she sure does enjoy one thing that is … Continue reading

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What Was Missed This Winter

Spring has sprung here in New England. It will be sixty-two degrees fahrenheit (about 17 degrees celsius) today. There are buds on the trees and flowers have started to bloom around the city. In Northern New England, the mud season … Continue reading

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