A Snack to Enjoy at Any Age

Because furrylittlegnome is such a picky eater, she will eat the same thing over and over again until she can no longer stomach the taste.

Gnome may not enjoy eating meals, but she sure does enjoy one thing that is food related: Snacks! For the past couple of months, furrylittlegnome has been obsessed with “Goldfish” – baked snack crackers made in the USA by Pepperidge Farm.

Believe it or not, these orange Goldfish crackers originated in Switzerland and did not make their way across the pond to America until 1962. When furrylittlegnome was a young gnome, there was only one choice: Original (which was really cheddar cheese). Since then, Pepperidge Farm has expanded the product to include other flavors such as pretzel and pizza and other colors such as rainbow, but the cheddar cheese remains its top-seller.

While gnome is partial to the snack pack, as it limits her cracker intake, a friend of hers enjoys Goldfish from the box. She says they are like an addiction (she ate an entire eleven ounce box yesterday).

To quote the Pepperidge Farm website, “It’s the snack that smiles back!”

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