What Was Missed This Winter

Spring has sprung here in New England. It will be sixty-two degrees fahrenheit (about 17 degrees celsius) today. There are buds on the trees and flowers have started to bloom around the city.

In Northern New England, the mud season arrived early and the snowmobile season came to a halt. The ice has melted far too quickly on ponds.

Although furrylittlegnome is grateful for the unseasonably warm temperatures throughout the region and the bright blue sky, she has missed something terribly: Snow!

The last time gnome saw measurable snow was during the Christmas season in Vermont. It was also one of two times during the winter season she heard the pounding of a snow plow pushing snow off of the road (the other time was during Thanksgiving in Vermont).

It makes furrylittlegnome wonder if she really does miss the sights and sounds of winter or if she is just feeling a little nostalgic right now.

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1 Response to What Was Missed This Winter

  1. FF says:

    You must just be feeling nostalgic Gnome and forgetting how awful it is to have shovel! I like snow from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Eve and that’s it!

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