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Furrylittlegnome Visits the Asparagus Capital of the World

Nestled six miles (ten kilometers) southwest of Heidelberg and nine miles (fifteen kilometers) southeast of Mannheim sits Schwetzingen. Furrylittlegnome once visited this German town with a population of less than 25,000 people and was surprised at just how seriously Germans … Continue reading

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Loyal readers know furrylittlegnome loves anything related to Easter that involves chocolate by Cadbury.  While purchasing cough drops this morning, the 30th of December, gnome came across this sight and couldn’t believe her eyes! 

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Welcome to Boston!

For days, the media has been teasing us about it. Finally, their doors at 185 Franklin Street in Boston officially opened this morning! Pret A Manger has arrived in Boston, and furrylittlegnome couldn’t be happier. She ventured inside at 7:45 … Continue reading

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Foreign Favorites

Over many months, readers of furrylittlegnome have learned that gnome is petite and on the thin side.  She doesn’t like big meals, enjoys sweets, and is more of a grazer.  For someone who is not a fan of it, gnome thinks about food – a lot. … Continue reading

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The Color Purple

The donut.  The frosting.  The purple sprinkles.  Yes, the purple sprinkles.   Furrylittlegnome was happy to walk into her work lunchroom yesterday morning to find this treat on the table.  Dunkin Donuts has launched their “Purple with a Purpose” campaign – … Continue reading

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The Chicken Sandwich

Furrylittlegnome has hemmed and hawed for the past few days whether or not to blog about her favorite chicken sandwich. It comes from a family owned business that is currently embroiled in controversy, and that place is Chick-fil-A. Opened in … Continue reading

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That Time of Year…

Furrylittlegnome likes traditions, and she is a creature if habit, which, yes, gnome knows, can be a bad thing. Like clockwork, furrylittlegnome had her first hot dog of the summer Friday night, and following tradition, as it has been for … Continue reading

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My Twenty-Eight Hour Adventure in Charleston

To surprise someone near and dear to gnome’s heart, furrylittlegnome flew down to Charleston, South Carolina to join “Little One” and her mum for the final hours of a week long trip for them. Upon arrival in Charleston, a little … Continue reading

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Food for Thought

How old is too old to be eating children’s cereal? Furrylittlegnome asks this to herself while eating a bowl of Frosted Flakes.  Yes, Tony the Tiger is still on the front of the blue, white and orange box.  Yes, each serving is … Continue reading

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A Summer Ritual That Started Early This Year

It was a whopping 87 degrees fahrenheit (30.5 degrees Celsius) yesterday – a record breaker for the Patriots Day holiday! While the Boston Marathon was in full swing, furrylittlegnome was taking advantage of her day off from work by getting … Continue reading

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