Furrylittlegnome is Shot in the Face

It’s true. Even though furrylittlegnome is only in her 30s, it was time to face reality. She could see the lines, and it was time to take action.

Furrylittlegnome’s dermatologist for fifteen years is expert cosmetic & laser dermatologist Leslie Caroline Lucchina, MD. Located in the Vendome building, in Boston’s Back Bay, Dr. Lucchina’s office is well-decorated, has a calming atmosphere and runs efficiently. Her administrative assistant is pleasant, courteous and knows her stuff!

This gnome is always seen on time, and at the beginning of each visit, Dr. Lucchina, without fail, says, “Take your time. I’m in no rush”.

At the end of a routine skin exam a few weeks ago, furrylittlegnome broached “the lines” subject. Her “elevens” (two parallel lines in between her eyes) were on display. Dr. Lucchina presented two simple options: Do nothing or treat them. A candidate for Botox, this seemed to be the best option. Dr. Lucchina stressed to this gnome that she could try it once and go from there. No long-term commitment was required. The choice was mine, and it was an easy one.

Furrylittlegmone found herself back in Dr. Lucchina’s office yesterday. After watching the syringe fill with Botox, furrylittlegnome sat up straight on the exam table. Dr. Lucchina told gnome to scrunch. “Ok, relax,” she said. And, then it happened: Five injections in furrylittlegnome’s forehead. Afterwards, a sterile, white gauze was held, with pressure, in the injection sites for a bit. And, just like that, we were done.

The results?
It takes up to two weeks for the Botox to be fully effective, and although it has only been twenty-four hours, furrylittlegnome is convinced the lines are fading fast!

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