The 30 Day Challenge – Failure on Day 7

Furrylittlegnome needs to thank Laura, from a blog called Astimegoesbuy, for the inspiration and catchy title. She posted about her 90 day challenge at the end of May. The challenge? To not buy any new clothing items or accessories.

Those of you who know furrylittlegnome already realize that this would be a difficult task for her to complete, but without hesitation, she jumped in with a start date of Saturday, June 2nd. It was an easy day to begin this challenge as it was pouring rain outside, and there would be no walking down Boston’s Newbury Street or visiting Copley Place. She had to make sure to stay offline so there wouldn’t be any temptation to shop online.

May was a slow month for furrylittlegnome, and the last items of clothing she had unwrapped at home felt like ions ago. In London, she purchased this Christian Dior red and pink “Rose Top” at Harrods. Gnome already had the matching skirt in her closet.


She also found this great John Galliano “Gazette Print” dress. It fit like a glove.


During her trip, she also stocked up on Petit Bateau nightwear – as she cannot buy her size in America due to strict flame retardant laws. Stateside, gnome ordered two sweaters online from J.Crew. That was all in May…

Last week, gnome was recuperating from hand surgery. Shopping was out of the question, and she seemed ok with that.

Fast forward to Saturday, the ninth of June. It was a beautiful day in Boston. The sun was shining and it was warm. Furrylittlegnome went for a walk with the author of The Peony Pages. We meandered through the Public Garden, and instead of popping into Burberry, we turned left and entered Anne Fontaine. After looking at three different parfaites, in size 36, gnome made her choice: a glittery black sweater. She might return tomorrow for the pink one.

After visiting Brooks Brothers, In The Pink – a Lilly Pulitzer store, Scoop, Zara and Saks, it is clear to furrylittlegnome that she enjoys touching fabrics too much and was doomed to fail this challenge right from the beginning. That, or she is simply a shop-o-holic who likes nice things!

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5 Responses to The 30 Day Challenge – Failure on Day 7

  1. Well, you gave it a shot!
    The first two weeks are the hardest.
    Perhaps another time! πŸ™‚

  2. FF says:

    I’m impressed you even tried FLG! Trying to not buy things is so unlike you! Gorgeous pieces you got in London!

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