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The 30 Day Challenge – Failure on Day 7

Furrylittlegnome needs to thank Laura, from a blog called Astimegoesbuy, for the inspiration and catchy title. She posted about her 90 day challenge at the end of May. The challenge? To not buy any new clothing items or accessories. Those … Continue reading

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Is This Blog Mundane?

Mundane: Lacking interest or excitement; dull. When furrylittlegnome heard the words “your blog is mundane” from a loyal reader, she could not believe it! Lacking interest and / or dull are words not typically associated with the author of this … Continue reading

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A Trip to the Flower Market

The Boston Flower Exchange. It is a wholesale market and only those with proper credientials can visit (flower shop owners, restauranteurs, interior decorators, etc.) and purchase things.   The Boston Flower Exchange is Boston’s version of Amsterdam’s tulip festivals – on a … Continue reading

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Furrylittlegnome’s Hobby That Lasts All Year

These fingers! There have been quite a few recipients of furrylittlegnome’s finished needlepoint projects. Some have been given as gifts while others have been made specifically for gnome friends. And, to be fair, furrylittlegnome has been the recipient of someone’s … Continue reading

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