An Unlikely Breakfast

Furrylittlegnome completed her Sunday morning errands earlier than usual. On her way home, she passed by “the golden arches”, turned around and went inside.

Gnome is pretty consistent with everything, including her food choices. She does not stray too far from her typical breakfast: a caffeinated drink and cereal or yogurt. Today was different.

Furrylittlegnome cannot remember the last time she had breakfast from McDonald’s – many years ago. The smell of the Sausage McMuffin and Hash Brown combination was delightful, and gnome could not wait to dig in. She blocked the fact that the calories of these two items made up about half of her daily intake.

The Hash Brown tasted better than ever, and furrylittlegnome did everything she could to not think about the grease all over her hands. The Sausage McMuffin was next, and after looking at the nutritional content, and feeling ill, gnome put the McMuffin down but not until eating half of it!

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