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Where in the World…

Sorry for the absence, friends, but furrylittlegnome has been busy. In between work, appointments, play and needlepointing her little hands away, she has been thinking about this year’s foreign adventure. Will gnome return to England and revisit The Tower of … Continue reading

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Furrylittlegnome’s View of The White Cliffs of Dover (sort of)…

There are a few landmarks around the world that furrylittlegnome has built up in her mind as being magnificent spots to see. The White Cliffs of Dover was one of them. From a distance, the cliffs looked impressive, and as … Continue reading

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Foreign Favorites

Over many months, readers of furrylittlegnome have learned that gnome is petite and on the thin side.  She doesn’t like big meals, enjoys sweets, and is more of a grazer.  For someone who is not a fan of it, gnome thinks about food – a lot. … Continue reading

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Furrylittlegnome Sees Lots of Stone

Almost two hours west of London sits the historical stone circle of rocks that dates back thousands of years.  Situated along England’s Salisbury Plain, near Amesbury, Stonehenge is a world heritage site that furrylittlegnome was drawn to. As one might expect, Stonehenge is … Continue reading

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Furrylittlegnome Visits Canterbury Cathedral

As furrylittlegnome’s voyage across the pond is approaching, she thought she would share with all of you a remarkable piece of history in England just an hour and a half outside of London: Canterbury Cathedral. The entrance to the cathedral … Continue reading

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England on the Small Screen

The view of Thames House. The London Eye seemingly always in the background. The pubs and old neighborhoods.  Then, by contrast, a small town.  A castle in Yorkshire. The attire. The aristocracy, and oh, those accents… Furrylittlegnome came to a … Continue reading

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The Egg

The colorful wrapper. The chocolate. The white filling. The yellow yolk. Furrylittlegnome just sampled her first Cadbury Creme Egg of the year. It was good; however, the taste was a little different. She looked at the tinfoil and noticed that … Continue reading

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