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How the Other Half Lives (Part 2)

The last time furrylittlegnome posted, she was interrupted by an announcement in the Virgin Atlantic clubhouse that her flight from Boston to London was boarding. She was very excited to experience upper class and all of its amenities, and ladies … Continue reading

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How the Other Half Lives

The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at Boston’s Logan International Airport. It is access for all of the airline’s upper class passengers. Friends of furrylittlegnome, this is how the other half lives, and she is so thankful to be apart of it … Continue reading

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How Today’s Weather Can Affect the Colors of Fall

Furrylittlegnome read on http://www.boston.com yesterday that, due to severe drought conditions, leaves are having trouble growing on trees in the New England area. We haven’t seen much in the form of precipitation in this part of the country, and the … Continue reading

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A Summer Ritual That Started Early This Year

It was a whopping 87 degrees fahrenheit (30.5 degrees Celsius) yesterday – a record breaker for the Patriots Day holiday! While the Boston Marathon was in full swing, furrylittlegnome was taking advantage of her day off from work by getting … Continue reading

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Prepping for Race Day

It is a sunny and warm Saturday afternoon in Boston, and this city is buzzing with activity. It is opening weekend at home for the Boston Red Sox that has brought in baseball fans from all across New England, but … Continue reading

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What Was Missed This Winter

Spring has sprung here in New England. It will be sixty-two degrees fahrenheit (about 17 degrees celsius) today. There are buds on the trees and flowers have started to bloom around the city. In Northern New England, the mud season … Continue reading

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Dressed in Their Sunday Best

It is Easter morning and furrylittlegnome is already out and about. She is making her way to Easter Brunch. The residents of the great city of Boston are dressed up today. Blue jeans and leggings have been replaced with dresses … Continue reading

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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

Starbucks or the Keurig machine? Furrylittlegnome found herself in a bit of a dilemma this morning.  It is a chilly Friday in downtown Boston and Good Friday, to boot.  As one of the first to arrive at the office, she typically powers on the … Continue reading

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A Trip to the Flower Market

The Boston Flower Exchange. It is a wholesale market and only those with proper credientials can visit (flower shop owners, restauranteurs, interior decorators, etc.) and purchase things.   The Boston Flower Exchange is Boston’s version of Amsterdam’s tulip festivals – on a … Continue reading

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The Hand

For the past eight weeks, furrylittlegnome has been typing away wearing this contraption attached to her left hand. It is a dynamic splint, and its purpose is to passively straighten some phalanges. Made out of thermoplastic, and a lot of … Continue reading

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