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The Other Side of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Picture it. Sunday, March 18th, 2012. It’s a balmy 68 degrees fahrenheit, and more than 500,000 spectators have descended to the streets of South Boston, Massachusetts. The infamous St. Patrick’s Day parade is in full swing in this overwhelming Irish … Continue reading

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Under the Weather

Like the weather, furrylittlegnome would be incredibly warm one minute and then down-right chilly the next. For three long days, gnome has been battling a “cold”. Last night, she lost the battle as a deep and painful cough settled in … Continue reading

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England on the Small Screen

The view of Thames House. The London Eye seemingly always in the background. The pubs and old neighborhoods.  Then, by contrast, a small town.  A castle in Yorkshire. The attire. The aristocracy, and oh, those accents… Furrylittlegnome came to a … Continue reading

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Super Tuesday = Tired Wednesday

This week, furrylittlegnome was given a treat: three tickets to Mitt Romney’s Super Tuesday election night party at The Westin Hotel, in Boston! Although this gnome is registered as an independent voter and not committed to or affiliated with one … Continue reading

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Furrylittlegnome is Shot in the Face

It’s true. Even though furrylittlegnome is only in her 30s, it was time to face reality. She could see the lines, and it was time to take action. Furrylittlegnome’s dermatologist for fifteen years is expert cosmetic & laser dermatologist Leslie … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger: – Super Bowl Philosophy

My darlings. This is the blackest day in the history of Boston sports. Never has a city named hero the way Boston has crowned Tom Brady its king. When he doesn’t do well, it’s like watching Charlotte die at the … Continue reading

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Birthday Greetings

Sure, she may have broken a few of my bones, and she has left quite a few scars over the years. But, look at that face! Happy Birthday to the most sophisticated and smartest 15 year old furrylittlegnome knows!

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What is a Family Friend?

Family Friend. What exactly is one?  Is it simply a friend of your family?  And, how does a family friend differ from a regular friend?   Is more or less expected from a family friend?  Just how many family friends can one have?  … Continue reading

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Furrylittlegnome’s Burberry Coat

At the corner of Beacon and Charles Streets in Boston. Two ladies approach. Lady #1: I love your coat! Lady #2: I saw you wearing it last winter. That hurts a bit. Are strangers taking notes on furrylittlegnome’s attire?

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