The Day After Game Six

It is a quiet, Halloween morning in Boston, Massachusetts. A little before midnight, New England and most of America, watched the Boston Red Sox end a ninety-five year drought at Fenway Park with a decisive victory over the St Louis Cardinals in game six of the 2013 World Series clinching the title four games to two.

Although there have been three championships in furrylittlegnome’s lifetime (2004, 2007 and 2013), the Boston Red Sox had not won a World Series at home, in beloved Fenway Park, since 1918!

The city was preparing and hoping for this. After all, it has only been six months (that still seems so fresh in our minds) since the bombings at the Boston Marathon not only rattled this city to its core but also made it stronger than ever. During those dark days in April, the Red Sox became our distraction, and in return, they became our number one fans! We did not think we could love David Ortiz more than we already did.

Over the course of the baseball season, that seemed endless to some, Red Sox Nation was louder and prouder than ever.  As the team went from “last to first,” the pride and love its city showed them increased. For over a week, furrylittlegnome saw the “Boston Strong” banner hanging in front of the Massachusetts State House while walking to and from work.
20131031-082912.jpgLast night, it was the Prudential Tower’s turn to show some love.
While those of us have entered our buildings to start a day of work, bleary-eyed and tired, there is excitement in the air for another championship parade this weekend!

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4 Responses to The Day After Game Six

  1. I published a post about the win this morning, too. What a positive experience for Boston and all the fans in New England who support the Red Sox.

  2. julespaige says:

    Reminiscent of my beloved ‘Mets’ – though I haven’t lived in NY in years.
    Though I am not a strong sports fan. Wishing you and your team the best!!!

    I’ve been a tad occupied by the ‘home team’ – always happy when you visit 🙂

  3. FF says:

    So fantastic!! I’m so proud of the Red Sox! Cause I love that dirty water….

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