An Illuminating Sunday Drive

A tad under two hours west of Boston sits South Deerfield, Massachusetts. A small, quaint New England town, it is home to one of New England’s most popular destinations: Yankee Candle.

Yankee Candle Village in South Deerfield, Massachusetts

Yankee Candle Village in South Deerfield, Massachusetts
With over 19,000 retailers in the United States, Yankee Candle is one of, if not, the largest candle manufacturer in the country. With its first retail store opened in 1975, the company continues to expand.

The inside of Yankee Candle Village is like a maze. There are themed “rooms” throughout. Here, we come across a pumpkin patch in honor of the autumn season.

While there places where you can make your own candles, a restaurant to get a bite to eat or find exclusive scents like the one below, furrylittlegnome made a bee line towards Santa’s Wonderland!

That is correct. Gnome wrote something about Christmas. She cannot help it.  It is her favorite time of year.  We head into a dark part of the village called the Black Forest and enter an old Bavarian (German) village decked out for the holiday season. It is only October, but gnome was in a snowstorm and surrounded by Christmas trees!

Yankee Candle Village in Massachusetts

Yankee Candle Village in Massachusetts

Yankee Candle Village in Massachusetts

After an exhausting forty five minutes and a developing headache from smelling too many candle scents, furrylittlegnome had had enough. As she exited the building, she saw not only Santa, but the “Yankee Candle Walk of Fame”.  Bricks line the walkway with long term employees names and start date. It’s a nice touch.

Before heading back to Boston, gnome stopped next door for a candle-lit meal at Chandler’s Restaurant. Here, furrylittlegnome and her posse enjoyed a home-cooked meal!

Yankee Candle Village in Massachusetts

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3 Responses to An Illuminating Sunday Drive

  1. pdevlin4915 says:

    Furry, thank you so must for the post!! I just love Yankee Candles and have always wanted to visit where the candles originated. After your post, my visit to Yankee Village is inevitable!

  2. Thanks for the tour! I love Yankee Candles, even though they are a little pricey. 🙂

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