So Long, Summer!

Folks. Furrylittlegnome is not going to sugarcoat it. She had a terrible summer. The deluge of rain over the Labor Day holiday, here in America, pretty much made it unsalvageable. Sure, she went to visit family in Vermont once or twice, saw Justin Timberlake and Jay Z at Fenway Park and bought her fall wardrobe at Brooks Brothers and Lilly Pulitzer, but the majority of her time was spent in her office at work – spearheading an implementation that just finally came to an end. While those around her spent their July and August weekends getting married, visiting Cape Cod or hiking in the green and white mountains, gnome sweated it out in an office building that turns off its air conditioning on the weekends to save money.

When furrylittlegnome did venture outside, she was faced with either grueling temperatures and crippling humidity or pouring rain. There was no happy medium.

With that, goodbye summer of 2013 – a farewell that could not come soon enough. Furrylittlegnome is looking forward to sights like these in the near future!

Fall Foliage in Vermont

Fall Foliage in Vermont

Snowy Vermont

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11 Responses to So Long, Summer!

  1. FF says:

    Poor FLG!!! Hope you get some time off this fall to enjoy the foliage in VT.

  2. Rahburt says:

    awe poor little gnome. hope the fall is kind to you. at least you got to see JT and jay z, ha.

  3. I keep my fingers crossed that from NOW on everything will turn to be great for you and my Bookfayries Siri and Selma promised to cross their wings and send you fairy dust for fine times.
    Greetings from the coast of Norfolk
    Klausbernd, who likes the autumn too – it`s holiday time for me and Siri & Selma 🙂

  4. Sorry little gnome! Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pictures. I’m looking forward to autumn myself.

  5. julespaige says:

    Do you think you’d want to move south or is it the cooler weather you prefer.
    It was a bit of a hot summer here too in SW, PA – Due to allergies our air is on – but I keep it at 78. Sometimes down to 76. I haven’t turned on my heat yet. But I may have to pull out another blanket at night! Thanks for the great photos. My silver maples, willow and black walnuts have already started turning.

    Hugs, Jules

    • Oh, no! Furrylittlegnome is a hearty New Englander who actually loves the changes in season. She can’t imagine being anywhere else in autumn or winter. The leaves in Vermont are changing and we’ve had very cold nights.

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