The Sights Along Whitehall

In honor of Prince George’s birth, furrylittlegnome will keep her readers in London.  This week, we take a walk along Whitehall – a grand, historical road full of sights and sounds.
Westminster Tube Stop in London We begin at the Westminster Tube Stop – take the Circle or District Line to get there. Once you step outside, it is magic. Your first glimpses are of The London Eye and of County Hall – now home to the London Aquarium.The London Eye County Hall in London Looking in a different direction, you will see the Palace of Westminster – better known as the British Parliament. Go over Bridge Street to get this decent shot.
The Palace of Westminster - also known as the British Parliament An added bonus is to hear Big Ben chime at the top of the hour from the Elizabeth Tower. Elizabeth Tower and Big Ben In back of these impressive structures is Westminster Abbey. On this tour, we will skip this historical Anglican church and head towards Trafalgar Square. Parliament Square in London Now is the time we honor Sir Winston Churchill.  A statue is erected in Parliament Square in his honor and below the magnificent marble buildings at the beginning of Whitehall is a museum dedicated to his life and work.  The museum is in the exact place where Churchill stayed during World War II.  It is full of personal and professional artifacts, including his famous top hat.Statue of Winston Churchill
Churchill War Rooms Continuing up Whitehall, we pass The Cenotaph (empty tomb). This war monument honors Britain’s war dead and as you can see by all of the poppies, it is a very sacred place.The Cenotaph in London Up ahead, on the left, is Downing Street – home to the British Prime Minister. The street entrance is heavily guarded and with nothing to see, just a quick look is enough.Downing Street in London
Downing Street in London A nice surprise? Take a look at the below photo. Dedicated in 2005, the women of World War II received recognition with this memorial just north of The Cenotaph. Monument to the Women of World War II Continuing on our journey, we pass the Household Cavalary, and remember, friends, pay attention to the sign next to the horse! The Household Cavalry in London
The Household Cavalry We have now just about made it to the top of Whitehall. In front of us is Trafalgar Square.  Here, we find Nelson’s Column – a monument for Admiral Horatio Nelson – a decorated British Officer.  In the background, you will find the National Gallery – a free museum that is, according to Wikipedia, the fifth most visited art museum in the world.Trafalgar SquareNational Gallery in LondonAt this point, we come to a crossroads. Do we head over to Piccadilly Circus or do we veer left and head down the mall? Stop by next week…

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18 Responses to The Sights Along Whitehall

  1. Suzanne Ridge says:

    Very enjoyable post furry…Thanks!

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Escaping Our Comfort Zone says:

    I can never get enough of the UK! Thanks for the lovely stroll, FLG.

  3. FF says:

    So cool!!!

  4. I love these pictures! Especially the ones of Churchill.

  5. Interesting post. Nice pictures.

  6. What a nice tour! So I can stay at home and don`t need to go to London anymore 😉
    Have a great week!
    Greetings from the coast of North Norfolk

  7. Great photos, but you couldn’t pay me to get on that Ferris Wheel! Yikes!

  8. julespaige says:

    I feel like I am getting to visit with my UK friends from the net – Thank you!

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