Inside Kensington Palace

Today, the world was introduced to the future King of England – just one day after his birth.  After he and his famous mum and dad left St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, in a Range Rover driven by Prince William, the young and beautiful royal family headed to their home:  Kensington Palace in West London.  Last Week, furrylittlgnome showed you the outside of “K.P.”  This week, we take a peek at some of the sights inside.

For 15 GBP, a few state rooms are open to the public.  Grand, opulent and full of history, furrylittlegnome recommends a morning tour because as with any tourist attraction, the crowd grows throughout the day making it difficult to maneuver through some of the dark rooms.    kensington palace in London We start upstairs inside the King’s Gallery. In this long, red room lined with artwork, it was designed in 1727 for King George I. This dial over the fireplace still works and was used to see which way the wind was blowing. The King's Gallery at Kensington Palace Looking out the windows, adorned with regal red drapes, one sees that they are in front of Kensington Palace with the statue of King William III and the iconic black and gold gates in view.
Looking outside the King's Gallery Other highlights? For starters, take a look at these ceilings! Ceilings at Kensington Palace
Ceilings inside Kensington Palace The photo below shows just how massive these rooms are within the palace walls.
The Enormous Rooms at Kensington Palace
A real House of Cards in the King’s Apartment
House of Cards in the King's Apartment at Kensington Palace A throne fit for a King!
Regal Chair at Kensington Palace Prince William and his family are set to move into Apartment 1A in a few months time after a one million pound renovation is completed. The twenty-one room home will truly be fit for two future kings!

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4 Responses to Inside Kensington Palace

  1. This is beautiful! I could get comfortable here! 😉
    I can’t imagine what it will be like after the renovation!

  2. cindy knoke says:

    Loved this tour! Thank you!

  3. julespaige says:

    You make me wonder if the Queen or anyone else in the Royal Family has ever been in every room in the palace. For that matter has anyone. And is there an accounting somewhere of every artifact, displayed or not. I remember reading that the Queen has a very private room (bug proof…no listening or spying!) that she has talks in with her advisers – where they know they can speak and not be quoted by any media. Is there an accurate count of just how many rooms are at the Palace? Amazing. I believe I just read on the web news that the new little Royal has been named George Alexander Louis (impllied – Windsor).

    Thanks for your visits. 🙂

  4. How interesting! You know a lot more about the royal family than I do! 🙂

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