From a Bridge and a Road in Kufstein

Road Sign to Kufstein, Austria City Center
Not far from the German / Austrian border sits Kufstein.  Before visiting this city in the Tyrol region of Austria, with a population of less than 20,000 people, furrylittlegnome knew one thing existed here:  a medieval fortress on a ledge.  That said fortress dates back to the year 1205 and dominates the city skyline with the alps in the background. Located on the River Inn, the Kufstein fortress was once an infamous state prison.

Enjoy the photos!

Kufstein, Austria City Center

Kufstein Fortress in Austria

Kufstein Fortress in Austria from Bridge

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2 Responses to From a Bridge and a Road in Kufstein

  1. I love these pictures, Furry Little Gnome!

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