Typical Bavarian Food

It is hard for some of you to imagine, but yes, furrylittlegnome can say she sampled almost everything you are about to see. Bavarian food is heavy and hearty.  Furry is not even going to attempt the German names of these dishes they were tough for gnome to understand.   A helpful tip for those travelling to Bavaria:   If you do not enjoy sausage and potatos, this may not be the place for you…

Below is a typical Bavarian restaurant. 
Rustic, homey and full of wood furniture, Germans spend hours here. 
Bavarian restaurant in Bad Tolz, GermanyBavarian restaurant in Bad Tolz, Germany

Out of the following photos at this particular restaurant, the pretzel was gnome’s favorite.
Typical Bavarian Meal - Sausages and potato salad

A Bavarian Salad - with thinly sliced sausage

A typical German Pretzel
One of furrylittlegnome’s favorite meals came from this beer garden on Lake Chiemsee.  Her choice of food?  Potato pancakes with applesauce!
A Beer Garden on Lake Chiemsee

Potato Pancakes with Applesauce           
   These sausage links on mashed potato were absolutely delicious!
Sausage with Mashed Potato

After six days and five nights, furrylittlegnome had had enough! She needed some comfort food that reminded her of her homeland. Where she went was surprising and shocking, but one must remember, gnome is a creature of habit.   An afternoon treat? Chicken tenders from the Hard Rock Cafe in Munich!Chicken Tenders and Fries from the Hard Rock Cafe in Munich

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9 Responses to Typical Bavarian Food

  1. Wow, reminds me of my days in Germany. Bavaria is the best – the food, customs, natural beauty, dress, ……

  2. julespaige says:

    Now hubby and I can make darn good potato pancakes. Applesauce and sourcream – don’t forget the sourcream! One of the only foods we fry…and not too often either.

    Wonder if this guy got the recipe from the place you visited?
    Just in case you miss it …you can get it state side from:
    Though you might have a place closer to home – Sturgis comes with some history 🙂

    • Loved reading about Sturgis. As for pancakes, furrylittlegnome had those almost every morning for breakfast in Bavaria. The breakfast pancake is very thin, kind of like a crepe, and applesauce is used instead of maple syrup on top!

      • julespaige says:

        Ah, we like ours with crated onion in the batter – we use one of those round egg ring thingys with a handle for the frying pan to set the ‘cake’ – so they are all the same size. About 1/4 cup and a tad thick so they are crispy on the outside – kind of like a hash brown. We use one of those box type cheese craters to whittle the potatoes. We can get four in the square fryer. Then we put ’em in a warm oven. A batch makes about a dozen or so. When family comes over – it doesn’t matter how many we make generally two or three batches and not a one left over. 🙂

        Crepes are good too like blinzes stuffed with cheese or fruit. Hubby makes waffles for me. And I just a small amount of real thin maple syrup – I found the store brand dark amber is just as good as the name brand expensive stuff. But real maple syrup is not thick. Sorry Mrs. Butterworth… keep your thickeners to yourself.

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  4. cindy knoke says:

    Typical Bavarian food is Awesome. Someone once told me they didn’t like German food….poor misguided soul!! 🙂

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