“Freedom is Not Free”

Furrylittlegnome has not visited Washington, D.C. in a few years, but with tension rising between North Korea and the rest of the world, gnome thought she would share with you a connection between her nation’s capital and her hometown.

Foggy Bottom. That is the subway stop furrylittlegnome always uses as a reference point. Not only is it next door to The George Washington University Hospital, but it is also where gnome catches the little shuttle that brings her to and from Georgetown – when she does not want to walk…

At Foggy Bottom, gnome and her pack, usually the author of Atleastimnotbitter, walk down NW 23rd Street. We walk past some government buildings, including the State Department, and end up in front of the Lincoln Memorial.Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC

At ninety-six feet in height (thirty meters tall), this magnificent sight honors America’s 16th President. President Abraham Lincoln is facing the Reflecting Pool with the Washington Monument at the other end. However, close by, and to the right, is a newer memorial: the Korean War Veterans Memorial.The Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC

After World War II, and Japan’s surrender, Korea was split in half. North Korea was controlled by the Soviet Union and the South controlled by the USA and its allies. Led by General Douglas MacArthur, who commanded United Nations forces, over 300,000 American soldiers went into battle when North Korea invaded the south. Over 100,000 troops were wounded, and more than 30,000 Americans were killed. There are still thousands who are missing in action.

Dedicated in 1995, the Korean War Veterans Memorial commemorates American soldiers who served in the Korean War (1950 – 1953). In the form of a triangle, the memorial depicts nineteen soldiers, made of stainless steel, from various branches of the US military on patrol.
Korean War Memorial in Washington DC

And the sculptor? Oh, it just happens to be a man who lives up the street in the same neighborhood furrylittlegnome grew up in: Frank C Gaylord.

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6 Responses to “Freedom is Not Free”

  1. FF says:

    So cool FLG!

  2. julespaige says:

    I love the history you share. I remember the Lincoln memorial as a child and have not visited in a long while. The last time I went it was with family members who had their own agenda…and hubby wasn’t along.
    My only knowledge of wars comes from family, TV and movies. I have two family members in service now too. I hope for a time when war memorials are unnecessary.

    Thank you for your visits.

    • Thank YOU for visiting and for your thoughtful comments! The memorials in Washington are, indeed, impressive. FLG comes from a family with a long line of decorated military men. In recent years, her father retired as a two-star general from the Vermont State Guard and her brother, a non-gnome, was part of a tactical unit in Baghdad back in 2004. Furrylittlegnome thanks your family members for their service.

  3. George Hardwick says:

    Great Dedication to the warriors of America! And its good to see that a furry little gnome is running around the capital city 😉 Great Post!

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