In the past twenty four hours, all of this has made its way into furrylittlegnome’s home…


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11 Responses to Uh-Oh

  1. pdevlin4915 says:

    Furrylittlegnomb has great taste in candy. Yummy!

  2. Suzanne Ridge says:

    FLG! Remind me to tell you a similar uh-oh tomorrow AM!

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  3. JulesPaige says:

    Since our Scouts all grew up and moved away I’ve no suppliers for cookies or popcorn. I do miss those Thin mints. I used to stick them in the freezer and only take a few out at a time to make them last longer….

  4. I can come around and make it all disappear! 😀
    Reece’s are hard to get here, Cadbury eggs are easy, but not one GS cookie since I moved here 11 years ago!

    • I feel so bad for you being deprived in such a horrible way. Most of these items have already disappeared! For the record, the Thin Mints taste better than ever!

      • LOL!
        You should feel badly for me! It’s a very hard life. I always bring Reece’s back from trips to the US but they don’t last very long. Awwww, now I am craving a thin mint and a hot chocolate!

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