Furrylittlegnome Looks Out from Within

Looking outside from inside the Tower of London

Tower of London with The Shard in the backgroundThe Tower of LondonLondon City Hall from Within The Tower of LondonTower BridgeThe Crown Jewels from Within The Tower of London

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8 Responses to Furrylittlegnome Looks Out from Within

  1. pdevlin4915 says:

    Love your photos! Thanks for posting.

  2. julespaige says:

    I saw a show once about The Tower. The history is quite amazing. And I am sure there are more secrets left unspoken. This is one of those ‘If Walls Could Talk’ places. 🙂
    Thanks for the views!

  3. ajaytao2010 says:

    Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections,
    I feel you may find something of your interest.

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