More Foreign Favorites Courtesy of Furrylittlegnome

Two of furrylittlegnome’s favorite department stores are foreign and are always included for one or two visits on her itinerary whenever she is in Paris or London. Here is a quick glimpse of each.

Galeries Lafayette
40, blvd Haussmann

Inside Galeries Lafayette
Inside Galeries Lafayette

Opened in 1893 and located in the upscale 9th arrondissement, the inside of Galeries Lafayette is an architectual gem. On an upper floor of this shopping mecca is a terrace and observation deck – where one can get a glimpse of the City of Lights.

87-135 Brompton Road

Harrods in Knightsbridge, London

It’s true. At its present location since 1849, Harrods takes up an entire city block in wealthy Knightsbridge. With its iconic green awnings, this five acre store, currently owned by the Fayed family is the biggest department store in the UK and Europe. And whilst all are welcome, you must remember, there is a slight dress code.

Everything in Harrods is extravagant. All gnomes must visit giant food halls, and riding the Egyptian escalator is a must. Also, just to make things easier for their foreign customers, Harrods has an entire department (Tax Free Shopping Bureau) to handle VAT refunds!

Even if you don’t plan on purchasing anything in either store, just a walk through these grand entrances is enough to make you go “Wow!”

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7 Responses to More Foreign Favorites Courtesy of Furrylittlegnome

  1. I was in these stores long time ago… They are great, but I could only look at and not able to buy…It is WOW!

  2. FF says:

    Hi Gnome – have you ever purchased anything at these shops? They look GORGEOUS!

  3. julespaige says:

    They do look beautiful. I saw a show on Harrods once showing the employee side of things. Separate entrance, elevators etc. The amount of prep work before the main doors open. Fascinating. 🙂

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