It’s Everywhere!

The chills.  A fever.  The aches and pains.  Fatigue.
The numbers tell an alarming story.  The City of Boston has over 700 confirmed cases of the flu already this season and four deaths have resulted.  Last year, the city had 70 confirmed cases for the entire flu season – a season that begins in October and lasts until May.  Peak months are January and February.

The sudden spike in numbers, combined with overrun emergency rooms, prompted city officials to declare a public health emergency this week.  The mayor is requesting residents to get a flu shot, and Boston is responding.  This weekend, almost two dozen clinics will be providing free flu vaccines.  A list of some of the clinics can be found here.

Like a good gnome, furrylittlegnome received her flu shot in late September.  It didn’t seem to help her though as she was down for the count in early December with the flu.  She is not one of those 700 confirmed cases as her doctor’s office instructed her to ride it out at home.  The number of  “unconfirmed” cases could be astonishing.

Furrylittlegnome has been surrounded by people who are under the weather.  A dear co-worker, after being out of the office for a week with a very bad case of bronchitis, is finally on the mend.  Coughing, nose-blowing, sore throats and general malaise is sweeping the office.  Maybe this will finally prompt furrylittlegnome’s employer to finally fix the office hot water heater so everyone can use hot water when washing their hands?

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7 Responses to It’s Everywhere!

  1. julespaige says:

    Being volunteers we used to get flu shots for free. They were cut from the budget this year. In our area the flu is also on the rise in upping it’s count of those taken down! I haven’t gotten one yet. But may just decide to go for the expense out of pocket because it might be cost effective in the long run! For all under the weather…get well soon!

    • Maybe if the numbers continue to rise, those in charge will see the need for the vaccination and provide it for free. It’s kind if ironic – they don’t want people to get sick but are unwilling to help out.

  2. Yikes!
    This doesn’t bode well for us in the southern hemisphere.
    And as someone who works in Health Care I’m going to spend the next few months worrying what will happen when the weather gets cold!

    • It’s only going to get worse! We are entering the height of the season now…

      • Do you think it is in part due to an aging population that more people are impacted or are there as many younger people getting sick?

      • It’s a mix, but people are afraid to call in sick and come to work completely ill – passing around their germs throughout the office.

      • That is sad that they are afraid to call in sick. You would think employers would encourage a sick employ to stay home so everyone doesn’t end up sick. There is certainly enough research to show how much it costs a business/company when staff come in sick. Sometimes I think I am lucky to work in a hospital because I don’t seem to get as sick as everyone else, probably because I have built up immunity!

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