Early January – Of course, it’s cold

Happy New Year friends of furrylittlegnome! 

As is custom in the Northern Hemisphere, and especially in New England, the new year has brought in some cold temperatures.  Although gnome is back in Boston after a week-long break in Vermont, she checked her iPhone yesterday morning to see just how cold it was in her hometown. Barre Vermont Weather in JanuaryYes, friends, your eyes are not deceiving you.  It really was -16 degrees Fahrenheit    (-26.66 Celsius) in Central Vermont yesterday.  While Vermont was frozen and humans and animals stayed indoors, it wasn’t that much better in Boston – where the temperature was barely 10 degrees (-12 C) during the morning commute.

Barre Vermont Weather TodayBoston Massachusetts Weather Today
Today, there has been some improvement.  While the granite capital of the world has risen out of the negative, it is still quite chilly with flurries and Boston seems to have rebounded nicely.


One must remember to dress appropriately for this kind of weather.  Furrylittlegnome cannot believe what she has seen on the streets.  Who in their right mind would be barelegged or be walking around without socks on?  Very lightly lined coats, no hats and no gloves have been a common sight for furrylittlegnome to walk by this week. 

And while some people in this town have been foolishly dressed for mid-April, and will probably become sick over the next few days, gnome has been bundled up in her Burberry Puffer Jacket and with her warm Prada two-tone boots!Burberry Puffer JacketPrada Boots

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5 Responses to Early January – Of course, it’s cold

  1. We were the exact opposite in that it was about 120 F here yesterday (4th) at least it has cooled a bit today!

  2. ideflex says:

    I had to get out the woolly underwear too – no texting on the street for us, eh?

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