Welcome to Boston!

For days, the media has been teasing us about it. Finally, their doors at 185 Franklin Street in Boston officially opened this morning! Pret A Manger in Boston

Pret A Manger has arrived in Boston, and furrylittlegnome couldn’t be happier. She ventured inside at 7:45 this morning and was greeted with a warm welcome by staff at the entrance. The set up remains the same as their other locations. Juices, sandwiches, salads and pots line the refrigerated shelves while the steel-cut oatmeal remains warm in their recognizable containers. Healthy snacks, including potato chips, line the shelves. There is lots of seating and the entire space is bright!

There is one difference at this location than to the shops across the Atlantic that gnome noticed. Here, your toppings are added by staff, whereas in the locations furrylittlegnome has been to in London and elsewhere in Europe, your brown sugar, cinnamon, raisins, etc. are packed in individual packets to take away.

Daniel J. took good care of gnome once she reached the till. As he was friendly and telling gnome he hoped she became a regular customer, furrylittlegnome became distracted by all of the pastries in the cases in front of her!

So, welcome to Boston, Pret A Manger. Furrylittlegnome plans to visit you often…

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