One More Day or Four More Years?

I Voted StickerToday is a big day in America.   For the past 223 years, Americans have gone to the polls to elect a President of the United States.  As we all learned in US History class, the President can run for two terms (each term is four years) or be in office for ten years.  The President must be at least thirty-five years old and be a natural born citizen of the United States.

For the past few weeks, furrylittlegnome has been waiting for this day to come to an end.  It’s called “political fatigue” and she thinks most people are suffering from this.  One must remember, we’ve been hearing about this election for over a year now…

To gnome’s followers around the world, it may be hard to understand, but the airwaves in America have been overtaken by these two candidates and their political action committees trying to grab our vote in 30 second television commericals that seem to replay every seven minutes – one after another.  Gnome’s mailbox has been stuffed with flyers and her telephone rings off the hook with recordings from the candidates pleading for furrylittlegnome’s vote. 

So, today, on a very cold morning, without much fanfare, gnome went to her designated polling place in Boston at 7:00.  Local, state and federal candidates signs were on display – following the law of being 150 feet away from the polling station.  Separated by neighborhoods (or precincts), there were two lines out the door.  It was orderly and quiet.

Once inside, furrylittlegnome had to give her address and her last name.  No identification required.  After being given her paper ballot (two sheets), she waited for a space to open up to cast her vote.  Up first was for President of the United States.  She colored in the oval circle next to her choice.  Next, was for United States Senator.  Done.  Then, United States House of Representatives.  Done.  After a few local races, and seeing names she had never heard of, gnome had to answer a few ballot questions.   Her ballot was completed in about a minute.

She stood in another line, and, this time, gave a Boston police officer her name and address for verification.  Then, she stepped to the right and fed her ballot into a machine.  As a reward for voting, she was given a sticker.

All furrylittlegnome can do now is wait for the results to come across her television screen tonight and see the map of the United States of America in red and blue.

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