Foreign Favorites

Over many months, readers of furrylittlegnome have learned that gnome is petite and on the thin side.  She doesn’t like big meals, enjoys sweets, and is more of a grazer.  For someone who is not a fan of it, gnome thinks about food – a lot.

In England, she cannot live without her tea and these two food items:Porridge from Pret a MangerFurrylittlegnome cannot get enough of the porridge from Pret a Manger.   It is an absolute morning staple for her on any trip across the Atlantic.  This London chain, opened in 1986, prides itself on using natural ingredients.  The stores are clean, the food is good and the staff are friendly and attentive.  A bonus for furrylittlegnome – a Boston store will be opening hopefully by year’s end!

Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips. Until recently, gnome stayed away from this.  Ever since she broadened her tastebuds, she can’t get enough of the fried fish and french fries!  The green mushy thing?  Mashed peas!  They tasted great!  Remember fellow Americans – order and pay at the bar before sitting down…

While visiting Belgium last year, furrylittlegnome had three things on her mind:
French fries, waffles and chocolate!

Belgian French FriesBelgian French Fries

In Brussels, Grand Place seemed like the perfect place to try the world famous Belgian French Fry. Gnome opted for no ketchup or other sauces.  The fries were hot and crusty on the outside, and they did not disappoint furrylittlegnome’s palate.

For the beginning price of 1 Euro, one can enjoy freshly made waffles to your liking.  Gnome opted for the plain version.  Real Belgian waffles are large, warm and delicious.

WaffleFresh Belgian Waffle

Neuhaus Chocolate

According to the folks over at, 172,000 tons of chocolate is produced per year in Belgium.  Because of this, we cannot leave Brussels without mentioning Neuhaus.  Established in 1857 by Swiss Jean Neuhaus, the smell inside this store is any chocoholic’s dream.  From chocolate bars to pralines, Neuhaus has everything.  In fact, they’ll even box up little gifts to take home in cute, little red boxes.

Add in Creme Brulee from anywhere in Paris, and you’ve got furrylittlegnome’s favorite “foreign” foods!

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4 Responses to Foreign Favorites

  1. S Ridge says:

    Pret a Manger in Boston? Cant wait!

  2. FF says:

    Wow FLG! You sure can eat! I’m impressed and now am hungry!

  3. Furrylittlegnome thinks her diet might not be the best after re-reading this post…

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