A Refreshing Taste

Furrylittlegnome likes anything that tastes minty. She loves peppermint patties, thin mints, creme de menthe, peppermint schnapps, junior mints, candy canes, mint-flavored gum, etc. While walking down a store aisle, her eye was immediately drawn to a new product. The green package with the green M&M was a give-away. Furrylittlegnome could not wait to get her hands on a few packages of Dark Chocolate Mint M&M’s.

These flavored little treats by Mars come in three different shades of green. They are also bigger than the typical M&M’s size. Gnome isn’t sure if she can taste dark chocolate, but because the M&M’s are larger, furrylittlegnome definitely tastes more chocolate which means a delicious mint and chocolate combination.

Of course, something that tastes so good is probably not good for you, and furrylittlegnome followers, this refreshing treat is one of them. A quarter of a cup or 1.5 ounces is 210 calories with over 40% fat in those calories!

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