Stops in Three Shops

Yesterday would have been Jacqueline Kennedy’s 83rd birthday, and furrylittlegnome thinks that may have played a small role in how she spent her day.

It started with a walk down Boston’s Newbury Street with a stop at In The Pink, a Lilly Pulitzer via shop. No matter what time of year it is, furrylittlegnome and “Little One” love going into that bright and cheery store. Jess, the district manager, and Jaime, the store manager, are super fun!

The Lilly Pulitzer brand came to life in 1959 in Palm Beach, Florida, when a juice stand owner named Lillian Pulitzer Rousseau opened up a dress shop. The idea behind the bright dresses was simple. She was trying to cover up all of the citrus stains in her dresses from work. Before she knew it, the dresses were outselling juice! Lilly Pulitzer’s popularity soared, and in the 1960s, the likes of Jacqueline Kennedy and other iconic American families were donning the shifts.

The Rita Sweaterdress was not unpacked yet, but Jaime knew it had to be purchased. After going through a few boxes, it was decided. It not only looks adorable in the photo; it looks adorable on furrylittlegnome, too. She can’t wait to wear this at the first sign of autumn.


Gnome also bought this Evie Dress in Don’t Give Me Lip Jacquard.

With our Lilly Pulitzer shopping bags in tow (Little One walked out of the store with three new dresses), we made our way over to Stitch Boutique so furrylittlegnome could pick up two finished needlepoint projects. One is a fig tree. The other is a small flower.


She then saw this Vermont canvas that gnome had to have!


Just next door to Stitch Boutique is Brooks Brothers. Like with our two previous stops, we absolutely love the ladies who work here. Cynthia, Susan and June are a pleasure to do business with and they always have their eye out for something furrylittlegnome might want. In preppy fashion, “Little One” purchased this Cashmere Cable Crewneck Sweater in red (school color) while furrylittlegnome bought this for herself to go with a new navy skirt.


While walking home through Boston’s Public Garden, we wondered if the former first lady would have approved all of our purchases. We’re thinking “yes”!

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  1. Good thinking! We will see how it fits…

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