Let’s Have a Kiki

Picture it.
Saturday night.
The House of Blues.


Furrylittlegnome introduced a fellow gnome to the Scissor Sisters – a glam band formed in New York City in 2001. While the Scissor Sisters are incredibly popular in Great Britain and Europe, they are still a bit obscure here in America – even though they opened for Lady Gaga for some of her Monster Ball shows.

Jake Shears and Ana Matronic are lead vocalists while Baby Daddy is the band’s multi instrumentalist. The incredible Del Marquis plays guitar and Randy Real pounds on the drums. On this particular outing, the band’s music director played the keyboard. The Scissor Sisters have two back up singers who are dubbed “The Matronicans”.

The band is currently on the US leg of their tour promoting album number four titled “Magic Hour“. The opening acts are DJ Sammy Jo and Rye Rye.

From the beginning of the show, the crowd was large and loud. Furrylittlegnome stayed on her perch in the balcony as the Scissor Sisters took to the stage a tad before 20:00 hours (8:00pm). Jake Shears’s falsetto was flawless as the first song of the evening “Any Which Way” (from the band’s sophomore album Tadah!) echoed throughout.



For ninety minutes, the Scissor Sisters set was full of energy with bright lights and heavy dance moves (Shears used to be a go-go dancer). In between songs, Ms. Matronic entertained us with her words of wisdom.

Some of the crowd pleasers of the night were “Take Your Mama”, “Comfortably Numb” and “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin'” – popular songs from their first and second albums respectively. From “Magic Hour”, the crowd, which was 80% men, sang at the top of their lungs and danced to “Let’s Have a Kiki” and “Shady Love”.

Although furrylittlegnome was sad not to hear some of her favorites: “Laura”, “Night Work” and “Filthy Gorgeous”, she was pleasantly surprised to hear their final two songs of the evening – “Only the Horses” and “Music is the Victim” – a catchy tune from their first album!

And, for those of you wondering, Jake Shears managed to keep most of his clothes on – even though he donned a see through neon track suit for the encore!


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5 Responses to Let’s Have a Kiki

  1. FF says:

    It sounds amazing FLG! They are such a great band! I’m sorry to have missed it! I can’t believe they didn’t play Filthy Gorgeous, but it still sounds like an awesome show. Glad you had fun.

  2. RosieDTrax says:

    Love Let’s Have a Kiki and Shady Love. Would love to see them live!

  3. cindy knoke says:

    Sounds like a wonderful night!!

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