My Twenty-Eight Hour Adventure in Charleston

To surprise someone near and dear to gnome’s heart, furrylittlegnome flew down to Charleston, South Carolina to join “Little One” and her mum for the final hours of a week long trip for them.

Upon arrival in Charleston, a little after 8:30am, furrylittlegnome made her way to the Market Pavilion Hotel – the place she would call home for the next twenty eight hours. She received her key card and headed up to room 406, the terrace suite.


After the “surprise arrival,” the trio went to breakfast at Toast, a favorite of furrylittlegnome’s from a previous trip. She had her oatmeal and had eaten most of her biscuit before a picture could be taken!


Furrylittlegnome did some shopping on King Street and at Charleston Place. She visited the Gucci store, Palm Avenue and Ben Silver. The pack of gnomes then crammed into a rented electric blue Mustang and headed to Boone Hall.

The Boone Hall Plantation, located in Mount Pleasant, is a fifteen minute drive from Charleston. It has been open to the public since the 1950s and is one of the oldest working plantations in the country.


The Avenue of Oaks is a three-quarters of a mile long stretch of oak trees that date back to the 1700s. They line the entrance of the plantation that extends to the front gates of the house.

After driving through the Avenue of Oaks, and seeing the main house in front of you, on your left hand side is “Slave Street” – nine houses where house servants lived.



On the right side is a cotton gin house that dates back to the 1800s and beyond that are the cotton fields.



We toured a few rooms inside the main house, and then, gnome and her posse took a tram ride throughout the plantation where we learned about pluff, saw lots of vegetation, were eaten by mosquitos and saw landmarks that have appeared in movies and television shows.

We returned to Charleston for dinner at Hominy Grill.


Gerard, our waiter for the evening, was exceptional and informative. At the recommendation of her dining companions, furrylittlegnome chose the fried chicken with a biscuit and homemade macaroni and cheese. Chocolate pudding was for dessert.


After a night cap at The Gin Joint, furrylittlegnome needed some sleep. She had been up since before dawn.

Gnome woke up the next morning feeling refreshed. She only had a few hours left in the city that she finds as one of the best in the country. Before departing for Boston, she needed to do one more thing: try the 12 layer coconut cake at the Peninsula Grill! It was her after breakfast treat.



After a few flight delays due to thunderstorms on the East coast, furrylittlegnome was home – exactly where she was twenty-eight hours before!

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2 Responses to My Twenty-Eight Hour Adventure in Charleston

  1. FF says:

    FLG – I want that fried chicken and biscuit! Sounds like you had a full 28 hours!

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