Is This Blog Mundane?

Mundane: Lacking interest or excitement; dull.

When furrylittlegnome heard the words “your blog is mundane” from a loyal reader, she could not believe it! Lacking interest and / or dull are words not typically associated with the author of this blog. Her doctors have said everything is “stable” (which is a good thing), and furrylittlegnome has even called herself “lazy”, but that is about it.

As gnome read her blog from the beginning, she realized she would have done a few things differently. Her initial post should have been an introduction of some sorts. Instead, she dove in. She should have made the photos in her earlier posts larger, but she didn’t know how to do that right away.

Her posts on this blog have centered around three things: travel, clothing and food – one furrylittlegnome loves to do, another gnome loves to shop for, and with the latter, she is apparently obsessed with even though gnome claims to be a picky eater.

So, you tell me furrylittlegnome friends, is this blog mundane?

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4 Responses to Is This Blog Mundane?

  1. FF says:

    Dear FLG – I am SHOCKED and SADDENED that one of your readers would say such a thing! This so called loyal reader does not sound very loyal!

  2. Not loyal, that for sure..

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