A Walk to Remember

Furrylittlegnome and a dear family friend have finally stopped shaking. They recently learned about the infamous “Jack the Ripper” on a walking tour provided by Ripping Yarns.

Gnome cannot recommend this tour enough! The “chilling tale” began right outside the Tower Hill tube stop at 18:45, and the Tower of London was the backdrop for the evening’s festivities. A bonus was that our tour guide was Dickie Dover, a Beefeater over at “The Tower” who led a rather large group, that gnome was part of, earlier that day!

It was just a short walk to Whitechapel, inner city London, where in 1888, gruesome murders of destitute women took place. The victims were Emma Smith, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes and Mary Jane Kelly. We visited each sight and were given the specifics of each event. As darkness set in, the night grew spooky.


Montague John “MJ” Druitt and Francis Tumblety led the suspects list, but neither one was actually tried for the murders.

The knowledge and storytelling skills that Mr. Dover had kept our group of about two dozen intrigued and entertained. He answered any and all questions! At the end of our two and a half hour walking tour, and after pointing out a few movie landmarks in the area, he gave us his opinion who “Jack the Ripper” was, but furrylittlegnome is not going to spill the beans!

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  1. Scary… Well done.
    I like their webpage.

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