Rain, Rain, Please Go Away?

Since the ten day forecast became available, furrylittlegnome has kept her eye on the London weather.  It hasn’t been pretty, folks.  Rain, and lots of it, has rocked Great Britain, and this soggy weather pattern is only going to continue.

Gnome had her outfits for her five day adventure all planned out.  There were cute dresses to be paired with her Anne Fontaine parfaits to go along with her new Bloch ballet flats, but that has all changed.

Next week, the weather is expected to be in the mid-fifties (12 degrees Celsius), at best, with rain.  Those chosen outfits are now after thoughts.  Entering gnome’s mind are her Karen Millen sweaters, jeans, patent leather Prada boots and her Burberry raincoat. Gnome hopes Sloane Street will still welcome her!

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2 Responses to Rain, Rain, Please Go Away?

  1. FF says:

    You certainly sound like a snazzy dresser FLG!

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