How Today’s Weather Can Affect the Colors of Fall

Furrylittlegnome read on yesterday that, due to severe drought conditions, leaves are having trouble growing on trees in the New England area. We haven’t seen much in the form of precipitation in this part of the country, and the area has been warned of potential wild fires due the overwhelming dry conditions.

This news got gnome concerned. She is gearing up for a trip to Vermont for a number of days to visit her family and friends. The Green Mountain State is known for its fall foliage or “leaf peeping” season, but what would happen if there were not a lot of leaves to turn color?

We all learned in middle (secondary) school that leaves are green because of the production of chlorophyll. It works with the sunlight and the warm summer days. As the summer months pass and autumn sets in, so do the long and chilly nights. Chlorophyll ceases production and the leaves begin to change color.

Furrylittlegnome has been told that rain is in the forecast for this weekend. Let us hope it is enough to help things grow! Below are some photos she has taken in the past couple of years in Central Vermont in hopes the fall foliage season this year will be a success like in prior years.





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1 Response to How Today’s Weather Can Affect the Colors of Fall

  1. FF says:

    The Green Mountain State is so beautiful! I would be heartbroken if the leaves didn’t change anymore. It is supposed to rain here this weekend FLG. Sorry!!

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