A Summer Ritual That Started Early This Year

It was a whopping 87 degrees fahrenheit (30.5 degrees Celsius) yesterday – a record breaker for the Patriots Day holiday! While the Boston Marathon was in full swing, furrylittlegnome was taking advantage of her day off from work by getting some sun and making her first trip of the year to Sullivan’s! Open for business since 1951, Sullivan’s is an outdoor fast food and burger hut located beside Fort Independence on Castle Island, in South Boston, Massachusetts. For our British readers, Fort Independence was constructed in the 1600s and served as the first line of defense from an attack by sea for many years.

Although the line at Sullivan’s seemed particularly long, the wait was only ten minutes for furrylittlegnome and her friends to enjoy chicken fingers and creemees (soft serve for those of you not from Vermont). This gnome ordered a small chocolate and vanilla swirl.

With the beach just a stone’s throw away, the atmosphere was festive, with a mix of young and old. Hot dogs seemed to be the most popular item on the menu. While furrylittlegnome and her friends were dressed in their bright Lilly Pulitzer dresses or skirts, others were showing, let’s just say, some unnecessary skin.

If you are seeking some sort of escape from the heat, head on over to Castle Island where you will be pleasantly surprised with what the area has to offer!


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