Three Months and Counting…

The creation of furrylittlegnome is one my New Year’s resolutions for 2012. I cannot believe I have not broken it yet. After three months, to the day, of blogging under a nickname, I’ve learned many things about myself. By the way, for the record, I’m not furry or a gnome.

1. I write about food – a lot. What I find interesting about this discovery is that I really do not like food, and my 71 pound body (don’t judge, I am a petite framed 4’9″) can attest to it. I am a picky eater, and I rarely bake or cook. I am a grazer. However, as many of you have learned from this blog, I do have a sweet tooth.

2. My most popular posts have been about Thin Mints and Cadbury Creme Eggs.

3. Everything I write about is in real time – unless otherwise specified, and some of them may seem hard to believe, but all of my posts are true.

4. My references to hospitals is kind of sad. That said, I spend a lot of time in them so that is why places, like the Massachusetts General Hospital, find their way into the blog.

5. I am obsessed with my blog stats. I get incredibly disappointed when less than 20 people look at furrylittlegnome in a day (very poor stat). I get very excited when I see someone from a far away land has looked at the blog. I never would have thought viewership would include those from New Zealand, Belgium or parts of Asia!

6. I am kind of bummed that the post about my favorite episode of “The Golden Girls” did not receive much fanfare.

7. I initially feared that my life would be too boring to blog about.

8. When I want to laugh, I visit “Sweet Mother”. When I want to feel British, I visit “Lorna’s Tearoom Delights”. When I want to read about politics, I visit “The Conservative Hill Billy” or “Unedited Politics”. When I want to read a good fashion blog, I visit “Chocolates and Raspberries”.

9. I find myself talking about furrylittlegnome in the third person often.

10. I should really post something about gnomes!

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1 Response to Three Months and Counting…

  1. FF says:

    I am very disappointed to learn that you are not furry. My image of you has completely changed! Oh well – I still LOVE your blog!

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