A Trip to the Flower Market

The Boston Flower Exchange.

It is a wholesale market and only those with proper credientials can visit (flower shop owners, restauranteurs, interior decorators, etc.) and purchase things.   The Boston Flower Exchange is Boston’s version of Amsterdam’s tulip festivals – on a much smaller scale, of course.  Located in a gigantic warehouse that is visible from I-93, this place has been ignored by furrylittlegnome for many years, until now.  She was able to accompany a friend, who was doing some interior decorating work there, a few mornings ago to see what “the exchange” is really all about.

First things first.  The Boston Flower Exchange is not open to the public.  It’s a business and only trade members are available to shop there (something about sales tax not being calculated).  Upon entering the swinging metal doors, the first order of business is to grab a yellow dolly.  There are numerous flower companies throughout the warehouse, and everyone is expected to carry their own purchases.  It is orderly and quiet.

Once inside, it is easy to be overwhelmed by all of the colorful sights.  Looking to the left and right, you are greeted by flowers and it stretches all of the way down to the tail-end of the building.

The orchids were proudly on display, and to furrylittlegnome’s delight, the hydrangeas (gnome’s favorite) were in full bloom!

Have you ever seen this many pussy willows????

Furrylittlegnome and her friend spent an hour here to find the perfect flowers for a client.  With a touch of ivy and tulips that haven’t bloomed yet, this is the finished product – Wonderful window boxes!!!!

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