The Hand

For the past eight weeks, furrylittlegnome has been typing away wearing this contraption attached to her left hand. It is a dynamic splint, and its purpose is to passively straighten some phalanges. Made out of thermoplastic, and a lot of velcro, gnome wears the splint three times a day followed by a litany of hand exercises.

The stellar occupational therapy team at the Massachusetts General Hospital, in Boston, has become extended family. A former patient of the year (an award furrylittlegnome made up herself that was later bestowed upon her by some of the hand therapists), gnome has been a regular here for over five years. This talented group, including the OT aide, is professional, very knowledgeable in the field, down to earth, and quite frankly, really nice and fun to be around.

Having hand or upper extremity issues? Visit the Occupational Therapy group at the MGH. You’ll be taken care of!


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3 Responses to The Hand

  1. FF says:

    I hope you don’t have to wear that thing when you travel overseas!

  2. julespaige says:

    I remember having a tiny fracture in a pinky finger. Not much you can do for that. I had a small metal splint that I attempted to wear for a week. Same thing with toes…just about a week ago bashed a big one. Lots of pretty colors. But I didn’t bother going to get it checked out. Hey I might be able to tell in advance when the weather changes. Hope your hand is all better since this is an entry that is almost a year old. 🙂

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