International Approaches to Pop Culture and the News

Forget the American tabloid magazines. Forget the nightly entertainment shows.  Forget about Brian Williams, Anderson Cooper and Bill O’Reilly.

Although furrylittlegnome does like the newsmen mentioned above, when she wants some pop culture gossip or news that hasn’t made it to the mainstream America media, she turns to one place and one place only: The Daily Mail – a fantastic British newspaper that has an extensive online edition.  The print version is a daily newspaper that was first published in 1896, and according to Wikipedia, it is Britain’s second most read newspaper.  A wide range of news is found on its online version, and furrylittlegnome can’t get enough of it.

Want to know what the Duchess of Cambridge was wearing today?  Where was David Beckham toting Baby Harper?  What did Lady Gaga say to Oprah?

Yes, furrylittlegnome followers, this is fluff, but the newspaper does cover current events in America and in the rest of the world.  Stories that we Yanks would not have a clue about. There are heart-wrenching stories about young wives or mothers succumbing to illnesses, accidents or horrific crimes.  There are stories about American politics and the presidential candidates.  We learn about captured British journalists who were recently released in Libya.  Heck, we even get some statistics on personal hygiene.

Enough said about the stories.  Read the comments that folks from all around the globe post at the bottom of the entries you may read at The Daily Mail.  It’s an eye-opener for Americans.  Some of the comments are so far-fetched, but a lot of them are so true.

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