The Other Side of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Picture it. Sunday, March 18th, 2012.

It’s a balmy 68 degrees fahrenheit, and more than 500,000 spectators have descended to the streets of South Boston, Massachusetts. The infamous St. Patrick’s Day parade is in full swing in this overwhelming Irish neighborhood of Boston, and furrylittlegnome followers, so is the party.

Billed as a family event, the Red Line of Boston’s subway system is full of revellers, all dressed in a sea of green – looking rather young, some wearing oversized hats and others are donned with beads. The smell of alcohol is prevalent. T-shirts and jeans or shorts seem to be the outfit of choice. Most passengers have beverages from Dunkin’ Donuts or other “cups” in hand while others are carrying 12-packs.

Furrylittlegnome has witnessed three public urinations, wait, make that four and has had her eyes fixated on a group of five Boston police officers posing for photos with rowdy revellers. There are people sitting on curbs, girlfriends are fighting with boyfriends, some crying and lots of stumbling around…

Gnome is not a prude, by any means, but she wonders if this supposed to be fun…

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