Under the Weather

Like the weather, furrylittlegnome would be incredibly warm one minute and then down-right chilly the next. For three long days, gnome has been battling a “cold”. Last night, she lost the battle as a deep and painful cough settled in that kept her up all night. It was accompanied by a sore throat, a massive headache and congestion.

After a visit to her primary care doctor at the Massachusetts General Hospital late this morning, furrylittlegnome got the news she hoped she wouldn’t hear: “we’re going to treat you for bronchitis,” her doctor said.

So, there you have it, furrylittlegnome followers. Azithromycin and Tussionex are the prescribed drugs of choice this go around. Let’s hope they work!

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4 Responses to Under the Weather

  1. FF says:

    Poor FLG! I hope you feel better soon!

  2. The bug is wiping out my co-workers here in Cali. Get well soon!

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