A Change of Scenery

House-sitting is typically a fun time for furrylittlegnome. It’s like being on vacation without actually being on vacation. Five floors of prime real estate in the city of Boston, a nine minute walk to and from work and no one ordering this gnome around. She sleeps in a big and comfy bed that is so high off the ground, furrylittlegnome is on the verge of finding a step-stool to easily get in / out of bed. She thinks she has pulled a hamstring.

Gnome can hear heels hitting the cobblestone sidewalks all hours of the day. Tour groups stop in front of the house to admire the architecture. Bicyclists whiz by.

Although furrylittlegnome is not a big fan of food, restaurants are plentiful, and there are many take away options. Most of her money is spent here. In just a few days, furrylittlegnome has already visited the local Starbucks numerous times for her caffeine kick (grande vanilla latte), purchased some snacks and bananas from Charles Street Market, had a half order of penne with red sauce from Toscano, a slice of cheese pizza from Nino’s, a grilled cheese sandwich from Paramount, chicken lettuce wraps from nearby P.F. Changs and she just finished eating a strawberry and goat cheese spinach salad from Cafe Vanille. Gnome has yet to visit another one of her haunts: Figs.

But with all things, they can turn sour. Furrylittlegnome developed a horrendous cold overnight and has spent much of her day in that very same bed she complained about. And, remember this, furrylittlegnome followers, when you are on vacation and you become ill, there’s no place like home!

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2 Responses to A Change of Scenery

  1. Lisa says:

    I hope FLG feels better soon!

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