Super Tuesday = Tired Wednesday

This week, furrylittlegnome was given a treat: three tickets to Mitt Romney’s Super Tuesday election night party at The Westin Hotel, in Boston! Although this gnome is registered as an independent voter and not committed to or affiliated with one political party, she does have to admit, she is a fan of this Republican presidential candidate.

As we entered The Westin through its revolving doors, just before 8pm, furrylittlegnome and her friends were met by security, and lots of it. Check in was smooth. Bag searches, too, to ensure, as one member of security said as we approached an escalator, we didn’t have any glitter on us.

Once inside the ballroom, petite furrylittlegnome surveyed the layout: where could we best see the candidate and get on tv? Luckily there was a nice spot on the bleachers in back of the podium – front row, right side.

For the next hour and a half, it was a surreal scene as grown men and women behaved like children while listening to quite a good house band playing popular music.

A couple next to us, clearly inebriated, did everything they could to get the media to recognize them – which they succeeded at doing by dancing, just the two of them, in front of a gigantic American flag. The photographers, all with various press passes, ate it up.

There were the men in suits revving up the crowd, turning purple in the face, screaming “Mitt! Mitt! Mitt!” or “We need Mitt! We need Mitt! We need Mitt!”

As the minutes went by, the crowd got bigger and louder. Furrylittlegnome and her friends knew we were that much closer to seeing Mr. Romney and his family. Cheers erupted when the monitors showed news reports of early primary wins and the room grew silent when we watched Romney vignettes on those same screens.

After all of the “Massachusetts Believes” and “Vermont Believes” signs, along with small American flags, were dispersed and with an introduction by former Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey, the Romneys took center stage to thunderous applause. Mrs. Romney, like on previous occasions, took to the podium first – thanking ardent supporters in various states that were voting that day.

After congratulating his republican rivals on a well-fought race, on a day where delegates were plentiful, Mr. Romney went into presidential nominee mode – wisely focusing his attention on the current president.

When his speech came to a close, the crowd roared and quickly converged alongside the podium to shake the candidate’s hand. Furrylittlegnome’s little frame made it impossible for her to the be in the front and watched from a few rows back while others surged forward to catch a glimpse of Mr. Romney up close.

As we left The Westin, Ohio was still too close to call. Super Tuesday actually ended in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, when the state of Ohio was declared a win for Mitt Romney. Furrylittlegnome then went to sleep.

Sorry this post is a day late, furrylittlegnome followers. If you want to learn more about Mitt Romney, please click here.


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